The Challenge
With over 280 Pizza Hut stores in Australia and 12,000 Pizza Hut stores worldwide, Yum! International (Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bill) places a high degree of importance on information related to the opinions of their customers, store cleanliness, staff hospitality, quality of product, store maintenance, accuracy and speed of customer service.

The challenge for Pizza Hut Australia was to cost effectively, within a short time frame, capture data related to the launch of their new Signature Pizza Range across a random selection of stores in all Australian states. In addition, they need the data to be accurate and actionable so they could address any issues relating to the launch via their field managers in almost real time!

The Solution
In an effort to meet this challenge, The Realise Group, Australia’s leading customer experience measurement company, recommended Pizza Hut Australia consider a solution utilising it’s Field Agent™ iPhone technology.

Field Agent™ was best suited to Pizza Hut’s challenge as it has the capability to deliver the information and photos they required from over 15,000 iphone users registered with the App in all states across Australia.

The Field Agent™ solution was the affordable option for Pizza Hut giving them the ability to capture information and action it if necessary within 2 hours of any shop.

The Project
Pizza Hut Australia launched it’s NEW Signature Range on the 1st March, 2012 and wanted to know in the launch week and lead up to peak weekend trade period how the initial launch phase and product was being delivered at the front line and customer perceptions. Pizza Hut Australia used Field Agent™ to conduct random checks at a selected number of stores in NSW, VIC, ACT, WA, SA, QLD and TAS.

The Agents who accepted the ‘jobs’ were required to order a Signature Pizza of their choice and in doing so, answer six questions about the experience and take one photo of the pizza. Agents were reimbursed for the cost of the Signature Pizza and paid for the questions and photo request. The job included requests like:
–  rate store cleanliness
–  select which flavour ‘signature pizza’ was ordered
–  advise if ‘signature pizza’ was presented in correct packaging
–  take a photo of the pizza
–  comment on toppings
–  advise if they would return to Pizza Hut.

The Results
Pizza Hut Australia received invaluable data from the fast turnaround Field Agent™ delivered and as a result of the speed was able to quickly respond to areas of opportunity and provide positive feedback on the areas of strength regarding implementation of the new Signature Pizza range launch.

Whilst this project highlighted operational compliance and customer feedback at franchise level it also indicated where focus was needed to ensure the product was consistent at all touch points and the promotion continued successfully.

Store Cleanliness
To identify how each store scored in store cleanliness from a scale of 1-5 where 1 = extremely dirty and 5 = extremely clean/spotless

Signature Pizza of Choice
Pizza Hut was able to determine the most popular flavours chosen from it’s signature pizza range from this survey.

Promotional Compliance
To identify the promotional packaging compliance for the new product launch across the stores. Those stores who were not utilising the specific packaging were able to be followed up immediately.

Product Compliance
To identify the presentation of the final product that customers were picking up via a photo request of the pizza in the box to ensure that the presentation standards of the product were being met consistently. Question also asked regarding the amount of toppings.

Product Choice
To identify which varieties of the new Signature range were most popular. Agents were able to order the pizza variety that most appealed to them.

Customer Opinion
To identify what consumers thought about the taste and overall quality of the pizza. Verbatim comments were collected at store level and were also reviewed nationally.

Customer Loyalty
To identify how likely (on a scale of 0-10) the customer would be to return to a Pizza Hut store based on their experience.

Sample Agent Responses

“Tasty, fresh, hot and meat flavoured with generous topping. The pizza was very tasty and enjoyable. It was ready in 10 mins and served in the correct box. I would order this pizza again and return to this store.” Burleigh Waters.

“Hot, fresh and tasty. There was ample toppings and sauce on the pizza, the base was crispy and the prawns were juicy.” Fullham Gardens.

“Savoury and delicious. Better than I would expect from a Pizza Hut pizza. Generous toppings with impressively large chunks of bacon, steak and sausage.” Holland Park.

“Delightful – best ‘fast food’ pizza I’ve had in a LONG TIME – the BBQ sauce is perfect & the chicken is moist.” Blacktown.

Head of Operations & IT, Pizza Hut, Yum! Restaurants International

“We used the launch of our new Signature Pizza range as the basis of our first job as it was a huge launch and a hot topic in the business. The process was so quick from launch date, with our first result visible online within 2 hours of the job going live and over 80% of results online within 3 days.  As I saw the results come online I was amazed at how quick and powerful the data was. In a word – awesome! I will definitely be looking to utilise Field Agent™ regularly as a tool in our business.”

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