We recently asked our 15,000 Field Agents around Australia to visit one of five coffee companies we randomly selected to demonstrate how our Field Agent™ iPhone App can assist you understand customer service standards within the coffee industry. Each person who accepted a coffee assignment was asked to visit the specified cafe and order a cappuccino or latte (no size specified). Whilst in the cafe they were asked the following questions:

1.  Did the staff member suggest a larger size to you?
2.  Were you asked for a food item with your order?
3.  Did the team member ask you for your name?
4.  How long did it take to wait for your order?
5.  Take a photo of your coffee before you drink it.
6.  Based on the taste of the coffee, would you return to this company for a coffee in the future?

How did these brands compare against each other?

Industry Benchmark Data

Sample Coffee Photos

Coffee Club, Perth, WA
McCafe, Frankston, VIC
Mrs Fields, Sydney, NSW
Starbucks, Woolloongabba, QLD
Gloria Jeans, Hobart, TAS



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