Supermarket Benchmark Survey

We recently asked a group of shoppers from our 15,000 Field Agents* around Australia to visit one of five supermarket brands on new year’s eve (2012) to demonstrate how our Field Agent iPhone App can assist businesses check merchandise compliance, stock levels, price and more within their stores and the broader industry. Each person who accepted a supermarket assignment in this case study exercise was asked to do so only if they were the ‘main household supermarket shopper’ and doing a ‘supermarket visit’ at any time during the day on New Year’s Eve, 31st December, 2011. While doing this supermarket shop they were asked to answer and do the following:

1.  Take a photo of the 2 litre Original Coca Cola bottles in the soft drink isle.
2.  What is the price of the 2 litre Original Coca Cola?
3.  Take a photo of all products in your trolley or basket before checkout.
4.  How long did it take to be served when you joined the queue at the checkout?
5.  Was the staff member who served you neat, tidy and presentable?
6.  Rate the friendliness of the staff member who served you at the checkout.
7.  Rate your overall satisfaction of your shopping experience today.
8.  Which option best describes your soft drink purchasing habits?
9.  Were there any items you intended to purchase that were not available today?
10.If so, what items were you unable to purchase today?

* registered shoppers with the iPhone App ‘Field Agent’ on their iPhone.

How did these brands compare against each other?

Sample Photos of Products in Trolley/Basket

(a)  ALDI
ALDI – Qld, Burpengary, 31 Dec 2011, 4.22pm
ALDI – Qld, Chermside, 31 Dec 2011, 12.16pm
ALDI – Vic, Preston, 31 Dec 2011, 11.34am


(b)  Foodworks
Foodworks – Vic, Narreewarren, 31 Dec 2011, 2.20pm
Foodworks – Vic, Sunbury, 31 Dec 2011, 6.59pm


(c)  IGA
IGA – Qld, Chermside, 31 Dec 2011, 12.35pm
IGA – Vic, Murrumbeena, 31 Dec 2011, 7.55pm
IGA – WA, Lynwood, 31 Dec 2011, 3.15pm
IGA – WA, Mt Lowley, 31 Dec 2011, 12.08pm


(d)  Coles
Coles – Qld, Chermside, 31 Dec 2011, 11.47am
Coles – WA, Erskine, 31 Dec 2011, 2.20pm
Coles – NSW, Sydney, 31 Dec 2011, 11.44am
Coles – NT, Palmerston, 31 Dec 2011, 12.19pm
Coles – Vic, Wheelers Hill, 31 Dec 2011, 7.53pm


(e)  Woolworths
Woolworths – Vic, Baxter, 31 Dec 2011, 1.07pm
Woolworths – Qld, Chermside, 31 Dec 2011, 11.29am
Woolworths – Vic, Mulgrave, 31 Dec 2011, 6.32pm
Woolworths – NT, Palmerston, 31 Dec 2011, 1.38pm


Supermarket Industry Benchmark Data

45% of customers waited more than 1 but less than 2 minutes to be served whilst waiting in a checkout queue.

34% of staff at check out were rated as ‘extremely friendly’

18% of shoppers found there were items unavailable they had intended to purchase.

52% of customers rated the overall shopping experience as ‘great’.

Sample Product Photos

Coles, Doncaster, VIC 3.24pm,, Dec 31st 2011.

Woolworths, Chermside, Qld 11.28am, Dec 31st 2011.

IGA, Castlemaine, Vic 5.40pm, Dec 31st, 2011.

Foodworks, Naree Warren South, Vic, 3.20pm, Dec 31st 2011.

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