The Challenge

To demonstrate how the Field Agent™ iPhone App can be used to check promotional compliance and gain an understanding of shopper views on various Mother’s Day promotional displays across a sample group of retailers throughout Australia. A solution was required that would:

  • gather feedback & photographs in a cost-effective way
  • collect ‘in the moment’ insights

The Solution

Field Agent™ was best suited to this task as it has the capability to deliver information and photos from over 20,000 iPhone users registered with the free Field Agent™ App across Australia.

The Project

The project required 85 shoppers, who we call Agents, to complete the required tasks during their next shopping trip in the week prior to Mother’s Day, 2011. Agents were instructed to find the ‘Best Mother’s Day merchandise or stand’, take a photo of it and answer the following questions:

  • What is the name of the shopping centre/ precinct you are shopping in today?
  • What suburb are you in?
  • Are you shopping for a Mother’s Day gift on this shopping trip
  • Which store has the most attractive Mother’s Day merchandise / stand on this trip?
  • What is it about this display that you find most attractive?
  • Does the displayed merchandise state the date of Mother’s Day?

Sample Insights

  1. Types of Stores with the most attractive displays:
  • Specialty stores 37%
  • Supermarket/department 31%
  • Clothing (inc lingerie) 12%
  • Newsagents 6%
  • Chemist 6%
  • Florist 5%
  • Jewellers 3%

2. Use of colours was the most popular reason for rating the Mother’s Day merchandise/stand attractive:



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