The Challenge
Boost Juice Bars is an international chain of franchise outlets specialising in the sale of healthy fruit juices, smoothies, crushes, boosters and snacks.

The challenge for Boost Juice Bars was to cost effectively capture information and photographs to check on promotional compliance for its ‘Glee Me’ promtion across a selection of stores in NSW, VIC, WA, QLD and TAS.

The Solution
In an effort to meet this challenge, The Realise Group, Australia’s leading customer experience measurement company, recommended Boost Juice Bars consider a solution utilising its Field Agent™ iPhone technology.

Field Agent™ was best suited to Boost Juice Bars challenge as it has the capability to deliver the information and photos they required from over 15,000 iPhone users registered with the App in all states across Australia.

The Field Agent™ solution was the affordable option for Boost Juice Bars, providing the ability to capture information and action it if necessary within a couple of hours of each assessment.

The Project
Boost Juice Bars wanted to capture data and images that would give them a better understanding of Promotional Compliance for its ‘Glee Me’ promotion from a sample of 40+ stores across NSW, VIC, WA, QLD and TAS.

The Agents who accepted this ‘job’ were required to make an original size smoothie purchase, answer four questions, then take a photo. Agents were reimbursed for their smoothie purchase and paid for these questions and the photo request. The job required the Agent to:

  • purchase an original size smoothie
  • answer if team member told them about the ‘Glee Me’ promotion when they ordered their original size smoothie
  • answer if they were handed a ‘Glee Me’ promotion card and told how to enter the competition
  • count how many ‘Glee Me’ posters were on display at the register
  • take a photo of their smoothie cup to show the ‘Glee Me’ side of the cup

The Results
Boost Juice Bars received invaluable data from the fast turnaround Field Agent™ delivered and as a result of the speed was able to quickly respond to areas of concern relating to compliance for its ‘Glee Me’ promotion.

This project indicated where focus was needed to ensure promotional compliance for the ‘Glee Me’ promotion at the selected stores.

Promotional Sales Compliance

Identified team member compliance relating to customer engagement for the issue of competition cards, explanation of how to enter the competition and issue of smoothie in the ‘Glee Me’ promotional cup.

Visual Merchandise Compliance

Identified merchandise compliance issues related to display of promtional posters in selected stores.

Sample Agent Photos

BiggeraWatersQLD1.11pm BlacktownNSW2.14pm RockinghamWA1.22pmOct12 AirportWestVIC1.23pmOct12

CasuarinaNT1.25pm FountainGateVIC1.06pmOct12 RingwoodVIC2.02pmOct12 SubiacoWA2.42pmOct12

General Manager – Boost Juice Bars

“Boost Juice was keen to trial The Realise Group’s new Field Agent™ iPhone technology to understand our ‘Glee Me’ promotional compliance across selected stores. We began to see data and images online within 20 minutes of jobs going live and were impressed with the ‘real time’ results it gave us. This ‘real time’ data meant we were able to immediately contact stores that did not meet promotional compliance standards providing a more consistent result for the promotion. We have used this technology since our first initial trial and continue to see benefits of using this fast and affordable field marketing tool.”

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