Shopping For Your Valentine [Survey]


Shopping for your ValentineField Agent went on-location for the most romantic of holidays: Valentine’s. Our survey of lovers across Australia paints a picture on what Aussies like to do to mark the day.

Valentine’s Day is big business. Australians spend about $791 million on Valentine’s Day and $91 million on flowers. Genevieve McCaskill,  Marketing & Events Co-ordinator at Flowers Victoria, said the average amount spent was $70 to $90 per transaction.


Of the survey respondents, almost half consider Valentine’s Day to be somewhat/extremely important (49%).

Those who are engaged consider Valentine’s Day as more important than those that are married or casually dating with 93% of engaged couples counting Valentine’s Day is somewhat / extremely important. 63% of those in a relationship (but are not engaged or married) consider Valentines Day to be somewhat/extremely important, whilst only 44% of those married place the same importance on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps this is an example that the so-called ‘honeymoon period’ fades as the relationship ages!

48% of woman consider Valentine’s Day somewhat / extremely important versus 53% of men. Anecdotally, this may be due to men showing appreciation for partners on this day (and the giving of gifts is traditionally something that men would purchase for female partners).




On average, men spend more than women with over 50% of men spending $50-$200 whilst women tend to make handmade gestures such as a home cooked meal or a chocolate on a pillow.

The gift that MOST would like to receive is to be taken out for a meal. 23% female & 20% male. Other popular gifts are weekend away (10%), flowers (10%) and movies (10%). Only 4% actually want chocolates or sweets!

Of course, it’s worth mentioning the lucky 1% who receives gift/s from $1000+ splurge!

Overall, bricks & mortar stores were the winners with 44% of lovers preferring to shop in a physical store. 24% opted for online shopping whilst 32% chose not to purchase store-bought gifts at all. Shopping tends to be from chain stores such as David Jones, Target, Big W, Kmart and Myer. The prominent source for online gifts is eBay.


Those who say they will share their Valentine’s Day experience on social media are most likely to use Facebook. Only a quarter say that they intend to share via social media; showing this is an intimate occasion for most. Most likely age group to share are those aged 25-34. Females more likely to share via social media than males (82% vs 18%). Perhaps as a status confirmation – If it’s on Facebook (AKA Brag-Book) it must be true!

See the infograph below for the full results:



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