Improving The Checkout Process

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Shoppers in 7 Countries Say They’d Spend More if Stores Did This.

Whilst the retail landscape may differ from one country to another, this fact remains the same: At the end of every shopping experience, customers must checkout. Call it a necessary evil.

Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy, explained, “…nobody has found a way to make the checkout process lovable…it should be where all the dazzle goes. Instead, it’s the dreariest part of the process.”

The checkout process is the most critical part of the shopping-buying process; it’s one final chance for stores to make a lasting impression.

Time is money: Take Less, Get More

We surveyed over 2,000 shoppers across seven countries to determine what checkout improvements stores could make to entice more shopper spending.

Above all, this international study convinced us that, for shoppers around the world, time is money. If stores will save them time, shoppers will spend more money.

As the table below exhibits, a faster, more efficient checkout process would make a majority of shoppers in multiple countries at least a little more likely to buy more groceries or make more store trips.


The results ultimately reflect greater similarity rather than disparity amongst global shoppers.  Of several potential checkout improvements presented to respondents, every country participating in the survey identified the same top four (displayed in the table above).

Australia ranked the highest of the 7 countries in the desire for more checkout lanes (50%) to improve the checkout process, and also rated having a faster and more efficient checkout process (52%) as another important factor to contribute to an improved checkout process.

Going Glob-ile

As mobile audits and research continue to revolutionise how the world collects in-store information and consumer insights, companies will increasingly seek out mobile platforms with worldwide reach.

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