Insights on Alcohol Consumption in Australia: Part 1

There’s no denying that Australians have an affinity for alcohol. The packaged alcohol market alone is worth an intoxicating $15.5bn according to Roy Morgan Research – which had us wondering…

  • How often are Australians drinking?
  • Are they drinking more or less?
  • What’s driving changes to consumption habits?
  • Which retailers are the most popular and why?
  • What are Australians drinking and where do they drink it?
  • What health and lifestyle factors influence choice?
  • What are the trends in mixers and snacking? 

Throughout June 2018, Field Agent surveyed 500 male and 500 female self-identified alcohol drinkers. We’ve prepared for you a cocktail of insights about Aussie alcohol consumption and expenditure habits. Check it out, then click here to read Part 2.

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