No Click & Collect for Santa

Santa is a busy character at Christmas-time and unfortunately for him, click & collect just won’t cut it for all the kids this year! The humble Christmas tree remains the number #1 delivery point for Christmas gifts all over the world.

Luckily, when you have over 50,000 Agents across the country, it’s possible to be practically everywhere at once.

From living rooms to store aisles, Field Agent specialises in providing location-specific audit and research services.

We asked our Agents to take a photo of their beautifully trimmed Christmas trees so we could share them with you.

So, with a sprinkle of festive cheer from us to you, we present a collection of the number #1 delivery point for Santa, from living rooms across Australia.

To successfully deliver toys to all the children of the world, Santa would have to travel at an average speed of 1,800 miles per second (Source: The Telegraph).

With Mobile Audits and Research from Field Agent, companies can be virtually anywhere in the country and in 7 different countries around the globe—without ever leaving home offices.

Field Agent® Australia collects ‘in the moment’ shopper & consumer feedback using audio and video for the female deodorant category.


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The challenge for leading brands today is to collect and understand ‘in the moment’ shopper and consumer feedback with voice and video recordings quickly and cost effectively. Until now, it has only been possible for brands to see and hear first-hand from their shopper or consumer via expensive and time consuming focus groups, shop-a-longs, ethnography studies, IHUTS and other traditional methods. Gathering insights at the Key Points of InfluenceTM, Zero Moment of Truth (establishing an initial need/want), First Moment of Truth (selecting the product or service) and Second Moment of Truth (using/consuming the product/service) ‘in the moment’ as they happen, using video and voice recordings to bring those moments is what is currently lacking from the Market Research industry.

In an effort to meet this challenge, The Realise Group, Australia’s leading customer experience measurement company, utilises it’s Field Agent® iPhone technology which has now released video and voice recording functionality. Field Agent® is the only solution in Australia with the capability to deliver voice and video recordings in real time, from over 30,000 smartphone users registered with the Field Agent® App in all states across Australia. The Field Agent® solution enabled The Realise Group to gather in-store voice recordings of shopper impressions of the category and video recordings in the home, to understand which products consumers are using in their household and why.

The Realise Group wanted to capture voice and video recordings that would give them a better understanding of what shoppers in the women’s deodorant category noticed when they were in-store looking at the shelf. In addition, The Realise Group were also interested in gathering consumer insights in the home, with Agents capturing a video recording of the deodorants in their bathroom, talking about the brands they use and why including information regarding others in the household if applicable.

The Agents who accepted the ‘jobs’ were required to answer questions and record an audio clip in their local Coles or Woolworths standing in front of the women’s deodorant category, with the second part of the job to be conducted in their bathroom, filming the deodorants they use and explaining why they use them. Agents were paid for answering these questions. Specifically, the job required the Agent to:

– Visit their local Coles or Woolworths supermarket
– Take a photo of the Nivea Stress Protect Roll On or Spray on the shelf
– Rate how likely they were to try the Nivea Stress Protect after seeing it on the shelf
– Record an audio clip of their impr essions of the deodorant display/category
– Answer questions regarding which brand appealed to them most on the display and why
– In their bathroom at home, record a video clip of the brands they use (& any others in their household) explaining why they buy/use those brands.

The Realise Group gathered real time insights from Field Agent® with an understanding of what aspect of the in-store display most captured attention from shoppers and which brand appealed to them most. The ability for Agents to ‘talk to
us’ about the display and tell us what they noticed most uncovered some additional areas to explore. The In-Home component of the job also uncovered some interesting findings relating to the number of deodorants women have for
different purposes, and that very few consumers were brand loyal across their multiple products, instead choosing brands for features rather than brand loyalty.

In-Store Shopper Insights: 55% of shoppers chose Rexona as the most appealing brand followed by Nivea at 25%. 80% of brand appeal was influenced by packaging and overall image followed by value for money at 60%. 45% of shoppers
rated between 8-10 (on a scale of 0-10) on their likelihood to try the Nivea Stress Protect.

In-Home Consumer Insights: Majority of respondents had more than one deodorant for themselves for different reasons, such as no white marks, low fragrance, size of bottle, lid locking ability and other f eatures. This was because
they use a different product depending on their plans for the day, either going to the gym, everyday use or going out. Where a male was living in the household, they typically only had one deodorant product for themselves in comparison. Women who have multiple products rarely use the same brand, so brand loyalty across usage isn’t as strong as some other categories.


“I have lots of deodorants with various brands in my cupboard for myself, husband and daughter. I buy them when they’re on special.”
Age 57, casual medical worker, 1 child

“I’m not really brand specific but I have sensitive skin so I need a non sting, alcohol free product.”
Age 33, works full time, 2 children

“I buy Garnier Invisimax 48 hr as it’s a good compact size, has the no white marks formula and also has the locking feature which means it won’t accidentally spray in my gym bag.”
Age 27, works full time, no children


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